10W LED Black AC Driverless Floodlight 6000k IP65

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Outdoor Lighting – LED Floodlight FLAC10B

10W  LED Floodlight – 6000K

10W LED Driverless Floodlight include an aluminium LED tray and have a black finish. IP65 Rating. IK07. 80Lms/Watt. Driver-less Technology. 3G 0.75mm 50cm Cable, Mounting Bracket and Internal White Reflector included. HO5RN-F.

IP65 – Weatherproof

Yes, this superb outdoor LED spotlight is an all-in-one unit that contains long-lasting surface-mounted diodes (SMDs), encased in a robust, black aluminium casing. It boasts a high IP65 ingress protection rating that will ensure it comes to no harm outdoors, no matter what the British weather throws its way!

With its slimline design and matt black outer shell, this 103 x 83 x 24 mm floodlight will look great when you install it on your garden wall or near the driveway. With a beam angle of 120° and bright 6000 K cool white colour temperature, it will provide great general illumination over a very wide outdoor area.

Latest Technology

Featuring up-to-the-minute driver-less LED technology, this floodlight comes complete with one metre of 3G 0.75mm² cable and a simple mounting bracket, so it should take you no time at all to install it and connect it to your 180 – 240v mains power supply.


But one of the best things about this outdoor floodlight is that its integral LEDs consume such a tiny amount of power in comparison with the bulky old halogenmodel you may currently be using for outdoor illumination.

Indeed, it consumes just 10W of power yet is able to generate the same 900 lumens as a halogen spotlight that sucks up ten times that amount of energy! That’s right, it’s difficult to believe but this 10-Watt LED is as bright as a 100-Watt halogen, so you’ll save 90% on energy when you upgrade to this floodlight!


Your maintenance costs will also be markedly reduced, as you’ll simply be able to install this floodlight and then forget about it for around 10 years depending on how often you use it. In fact, even if you had it switched on for 24 hours a day, it would perform optimally for over 3.5 years! Indeed, its 30,000 hour expected lifespanis around 20 times that of an equally powerful halogen spotlight bulb!

The environmentally-friendly amongst our customers also love these LED floodlights because they contain no harmful mercury vapour and are built entirely from recyclable components, meaning they’re healthier for you and for the planet, too!

Brand Red Arrow
Product Code FLAC10B
Dimensions 103 mm (L) x 83 mm (W) x 24 mm (D)
Finish Black
Material Aluminium
Colour Temperature 6000 k Day Light
Lumens 800 Lumen
LED SMD 2835
Guarantee 2 Year
Life Expectancy 30,000 Hours
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Working temperature 20 Degrees Celsius to 45 Degrees Celsius

10W LED Driverless Floodlight Installation Instruction



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