Trendi Switch 2 gang 13 amp USB Socket White

£20.79 (inc VAT- £24.95)


47mm back back box required
Installation Instruction [download id=”1620″]


  • 4 USB ports with optimized apple and android charging
  • Sleek short chrome rocker light switches
  • Piano Black UV coated finish to resist wear and tear
  • Twin Switch Socket with Built in USB Charging Ports
  • 47 mm back box required

Trendi Switch 2 gang 13 amp USB Socket White. This short switched version of the original Trendi Switch socket has been given an upgrade of 4 new USB charging points, which will charge at a steady flow of 2.1 MA giving you that extra boost on your devices.

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your tired old worn out sockets with something altogether more stylish and up-to-date, then you’ll jump at the chance to purchase this 2-Gang Switched USB Socket from Trendi.

Yes, this switched plug socket comes complete with 4 USB ports, and boasts a pristine white fascia that’s both fire-proof and wipe-clean, meaning that it’ll last you a long time without ever fading or discoloring.

Trendi Styling – All Around Your Home

If you’re anxious to distance yourself from the white finish traditionally used for switches and sockets, you’ll be delighted to learn that this model is also available in gold, silver, black.

But these aren’t the only Trendi products with which you’ll be able to revamp your home, as there’s a much wider range for you to peruse.

So, for your living areas, you’ll find a variety of sockets to fit your TV and Telephone, as well as 1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang, 4-gang rocker switches.

Perfect for your kitchen and utility room will be the cooker and fused spur, so you have a great opportunity to co-ordinate every single one of your household fixtures!

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Trendi Switch 2 gang 13 amp USB Socket White






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