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Electric Station Support Policy

At Electric Station, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support to our valued customers. Our commitment extends beyond offering quality products and services; we aim to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience throughout your interaction with us.

**Support Channels:**

- **Customer Service Hotline:** Our dedicated customer service team is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to assist you with any queries, concerns, or assistance you may require.

- **Email Support:** You can reach us via email at for non-urgent matters or detailed inquiries. Our team endeavours to respond to all emails promptly within 24 hours. 

**Support Offerings:**

- **Technical Assistance:** Our knowledgeable support staff is well-equipped to provide technical guidance, troubleshooting, and assistance with our products and services.

- **Order Support:** For inquiries related to orders, shipping, returns, or exchanges, our support team is readily available to provide updates and solutions.

- **Product Information:** Whether you need information about a specific product, compatibility, or usage guidelines, our team is here to provide comprehensive details to assist you.

**Our Commitment to Support:**

- **Timely Responses:** We strive to respond promptly to all inquiries received through any of our support channels within our specified response times.

- **Expert Assistance:** Our support team comprises experts who are trained and knowledgeable about our products and services to provide accurate and efficient assistance.

- **Customer Satisfaction:** Your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to resolve issues and inquiries to your utmost satisfaction, ensuring a positive experience with Electric Station.

**Feedback and Improvement:**

We value your feedback as it helps us enhance our support services. Please feel free to share your experience with us, including suggestions for improvement, through any of our support channels or via our feedback form [link].

**Contact Us:**

For any support-related queries or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team through the channels mentioned above.

Thank you for choosing Electric Station. We are here to support you every step of the way!


We are an LED lighting specialist based in the UK. We supply a broad variety of LED products for lighting professionals as well as end users.

Our responsibilities do not stop at a just a sale, we offer an unrivalled after sales and free technical support service.

Electric Station Ltd isn't just your average Leicester shop; it's a haven for all things security and smart living. Whether you're a homeowner seeking peace of mind or a business owner prioritising safety, Electric Station Ltd has the tools and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Cutting-Edge Security:

Crystal-Clear CCTV: Keep a watchful eye with cutting-edge CCTV systems from renowned brands like QVIS, HIKVISION , and DAHUA . From discreet indoor cameras to weatherproof outdoor models, Electric Station Ltd has the perfect solution for every corner.

Fortress-Grade Burglar Alarms: Deter intruders and safeguard your valuables with top-of-the-line burglar alarms from Scantronic and AJAX. Electric Station Ltd offers wired and wireless options, ensuring your property remains protected around the clock.

Life-Saving Fire Alarms: Don't leave safety to chance. Electric Station Ltd provides reliable fire alarm systems from Fike and CTec, ensuring swift response and early warning in case of emergencies.

Beyond Security: Illuminating Your World:

Electric Station Ltd isn't just about keeping you safe; it's about making your space shine. Explore their extensive range of LED lighting solutions from NETLED and Redarrow. From energy-efficient down lights to vibrant accent lighting, they have everything you need to create the perfect ambience.

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